As a retired ArmyFirst Sargeant, custom knifemaker Kit Carson knows better than most how a real life military field knife is used. One of the best known designs to come out of that hands-on experience was the “M4 Folding Combat Knife.” Compared to many custom folders, the M4 is a relatively plain, all business-like affair, with a wide blade, a comfortable handle and a strong titanium liner lock. Basically, Kit included everything the knie needed to be a functional tool and left off everything that wasn’t. Armchair SEALs and barefoot dojo dance masters need not apply.

m4-02.jpgOriginally, the vast majority of Kit’s m4’s came in two sizes, a 4-inch blade and a 3-inch version. Shortly after Tactical Knives started publishing, I bought a 4-inch M4 off Kit’s table at the Knifemaker’s Guild show in Orlando, Fla. After carrying it for a few months, I decided it was a great work blade for serious backcountry use but a little heavier than I liked for everyday carry (EDC). I thought about trying the 3-inch model but that seemed just a little too small for my lifestyle.

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