The Swedge series from SOG is a creation of knife maker and designer Brent Beshara. The Swedges use his patented BESH Wedge design mated to a new Wharncliffe-styled blade.

Collaborations between custom knife makers and designers and production companies are very common these days. They generally result in a pretty good deal for everyone involved. The designer gets to extend the reach of his design beyond what he could do on a custom basis; the knife company gets a fresh new design, often from a renowned individual; and the buyer often gets the chance to buy a design that he might not be able to afford, or want to wait for, in a custom knife. And sometimes, you even get a little more than that. Sometimes that melding of a designer’s ideas and a company’s vision results in a totally new design that’s unique to that collaboration and you get something that didn’t exist before. Such was the case when custom knife maker and designer Brent Beshara got together with SOG Specialty Knives and Tools back in 2009. In the intervening year Brent has come up with an entirely new line of knives for SOG that’s a departure from his earlier work. So was the SOG Swedge series born.

Wharncliffe-Style Blade
The Swedge knives use Brent Beshara’s patented BESH Wedge grind, adapted to a modern Wharncliffe profile. Brent was inspired to use the Wharn-cliffe design by his friend and mentor Michael Janich.

Unlike some of Brent’s earlier dagger-based work, the Swedge series is based upon an angular Wharncliffe-style blade. With straight cutting edges and an asymmetric tip, the Swedges carry the geometry of a Beshara design but with a clean, modern style that sets the series apart from his earlier work. Brent’s inspiration to apply his BESH Wedge to this style blade came about due to influence from his good friend and mentor Michael Janich. The Swedge I, which started it all, was actually a design by Beshara’s artist wife, Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara. The I is a reverse grip fighter and Keli-Ann wanted to explore a balanced blade and handle design. It was this model that first caught the eye of SOG’s Spencer Fraser and what got the Swedge line rolling. The larger Swedge II and III followed with a more conventional grip style, but still featuring the radically angled geometry that the Besharas preferred. Brent informed me that working with Spencer helped him to work outside the box and end up with a set of designs new to both of them.

Swedges Under The Scope
Slim, yet potent. The Swedge I is the smallest of the new SOG line. It’s slightly shorter overall than the Swedge II but also narrower in profile.

Taking a closer look at the Swedges, we’ll start with what they have in common. All three models feature a bead-blasted AUS 8 stainless steel blade, which is cryogenically heat-treated to 57-58 Rockwell. They carry Beshara’s patented BESH Wedge grind, although in this case adapted to the angular, industrial Wharncliffe profile. Handle scales are of textured black G-10 and they’re held on with a set of cross bolts, two for the Swedge I and three on both the Swedge II and III. The pointed pommels of the knives feature lanyard holes and the II and III have the SOG logo cut out between the scales and the hole.

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The Swedge series from SOG is a creation of knife maker and designer Brent Beshara.…