Cold Steel thinks big when it comes to folders. The Rajah II and the Spartan are big knives capable of big jobs.

When most of us think of folders, we probably envision something compact with a 3- to 4-inch blade. Not so for the folks at Cold Steel. They have a history of making some super-sized folders and a couple of their newest ones may be the biggest yet. Enter the Spartan and the Rajah II, folding blades big enough to make even the jaded knife aficionado go wow! Cold Steel takes some cues from a couple of proven historical battle blades and adapts the designs into modern 21st century tactical tools.

Molon Labe
The Cold Steel Spartan hearkens back to the warrior spirit of Sparta and is heavily influenced by the Greek Kopis sword. Designer Andrew Demko took the classic lines and functionality of this battlefield weapon and transformed it into a comparatively compact folder. I say comparatively compact because the Spartan is by no means a small knife. It may not be a full-sized Kopis, but it’s a serious back-pocket battle blade.

The Spartan sports a 4.5-inch blade of Japanese AUS8A stainless steel that’s a full 4mm thick. It has a recurved edge with a high, hollow grind and a clip point. The blade looks bigger than it is. The spine of the blade has a thumb plate for one-hand opening or, which can be hooked on the pocket lip during the draw stroke so that it opens as you pull the knife out. The blade pivots on an adjustable pivot screw and is held open by Cold Steel’s patent pending Tri-Ad lock. The 6-inch-long grip follows the lines of the Kopis sword and really locks the hand into place. It carries steel liners covered by a Grivory shell that is sculpted with a series of textured grooves. Grivory is high performance polymer, which is billed as a metal replacement for industrial use. It’s tough and can withstand heavy impacts and abuse. The Spartan opens up to 10.5 inches and weighs in at 7.5 ounces. It has a reversible pocket clip oriented for tip-up carry.

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Cold Steel thinks big when it comes to folders. The Rajah II and the…