One of the points made by Dave Martell in his DVD “The Art of Knife Sharpening Basics, Volume 1” (reviewed in the July 08 issue of TK) that caught my attention was his reliance on DMT’s Dia-Sharp “Extra-Extra Coarse” diamond hone. Not only did Dave use this model for repairing damaged blades and re-beveling super dull knives, he also felt it was ideal for flattening Japanese waterstones. Flattening waterstones happens to be a chore that I particularly dread so I thought it might be a good time to try one of DMT’s newer continuous-surfaced diamond benchstones.

While exploring’s website, I happened to notice DMT had also added an “Extra-Extra Fine” diamond hone to their line. Trying the two extremes in abrasive grits sounded like it might be a fun project, so I ordered both. When they arrived, the first thing I noticed about the sharpeners was that these diamond-coated steel plates are heavy! Each 8-inch hone weighed around 2-1/2 pounds. While they may not be something you want to pack around the field, the extra weight certainly helps them stay in one place when you are working at a bench.

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