One of the many things I like about the Lone Wolf line of automatic knives is that every one of their autos is double-action, which means it can be opened either manually or automatically. Thus you can open them manually when you are in “civilized” company and save their automatic function for serious business or when surprise would be an advantage. Also, the knife can be opened quickly and operate well even if the automatic mechanism is not functioning properly from infiltration of dirt, or having a broken part. Even better is the fact that every one of the Lone Wolf autos has a covert opening system. By that I mean that there are no obvious buttons or levers to push for automatic opening. Thus these knives will pass for conventional manual openers even if given a close inspection. Unfortunately for those of you that live in non-automatic knife states, other than their Harsey T-2 and D-2, none of their automatic models have been available in a manual-only version, in spite of the fact that they would be dandy manual-opening non-automatic knives to have and use.

lonewolfdiablo.jpgWith a little nagging from yours truly and other Lone Wolf customers this has changed. Lone Wolf’s latest folder, the Diablo (Spanish for devil), is available both ways, as a manual-opening-only folder or as a double-action automatic. Side-by-side they are exactly the same knife in appearance except for the fact that the blade of the automatic version has the Diablo marking on the blade followed with a small “-DA.”

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One of the many things I like about the Lone Wolf line of automatic…