Rakish lines and quality construction combined with a unique mechanism all add up to create another quality spring-steel offering from Heckler & Koch.

Most production side-opening automatic knives are pretty simple. The vast majority are single-action button locks that may or may not have a rudimentary safety catch. The next level of auto-knife complication may have an automatic or integrated safety. As you move up in retail price, you may even get to the “double-action” knives—a knife that conventionally looks like a manual knife and will also open manually but has an overt or hidden, covert auto mechanism to fire the blade automatically.

The Scorch from Heckler & Koch Knives is a double-action, covert scale-release, liner-locking automatic with a robust leaf-spring firing mechanism. It is has a lot of features—if it were a watch, it would be an automatic moon-phase chronograph, not just a plain old watch. The best part is that HK has been able to keep the price reasonable for such a complex package that also happens to be made in the U.S.A. Suggested retail is $160.

Unless you have been disconnected from the tactical world for 40 years, you know exactly who HK is. They are the preeminent German firearms manufacturer, and are responsible for a plethora of fine weapons like the G3 rifle, MP5, P7, USP, etc. HK is well known for firearms and accessories of uncompromising quality, so it was fitting that they have partnered up with Benchmade to produce a large line of knives that retains the HK look with top-notch American construction, German design and Austrian ingredients.

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Rakish lines and quality construction combined with a unique mechanism all add up to…