The Extrema Ratio Suppressor (top) and ADRA are both modern tactical daggers designed for elite users. While they differ slightly in style, both are streamlined, efficient, and well manufactured.

Often when we look at military knives we see a practical field knife that could serve as well for an outdoorsman in the backwoods as it does the soldier on the battlefield. These are generally designs intended for all manner of tasks expected of a troop while still maintaining the attributes desirable in a fighting knife if push comes to shove. Sometimes though, blades are designed as specialized offensive tools first and any sort of utility use is ancillary to their intended role. Such is the case with Extrema Ratio’s Suppressor and ADRA daggers. These daggers are tools designed for combat, not camping!

Military Background
The Suppressor dagger was designed for the Italian G.I.S. (Gruppo Intervento Speciale), an anti-terrorist unit of the Corpo dei Carabinieri (military police). The Suppressor uses a .25-inch-thick, yet narrow 7-inch blade of German Bohler N690 at a Rockwell of 58HRC. The black-coated blade is double-edged and comes down to an extremely sharp point. It has a stiletto feel to it, but is still a very substantially built, full-tang design. There is a small, integral double-guard and then a wasp-waisted handle of roughly textured Polyamide scales held on by two Allen-head bolts on either side of the handle. The pommel is a heavy, tapered cone that looks to lend itself well for offensive strikes. The pommel has a large lanyard hole easily capable of taking paracord or similar sized lanyards.

Both the ADRA and the Suppressor bear 7-inch double-edged blades of German Bohler N690 steel. The Suppressor uses a thin stiletto-style blade, whereas the ADRA conforms to more traditional military dagger design.

The ADRA is the sibling to the Suppressor and it, too, was designed with an elite Italian military unit in mind, this time the 17º Stormo Incursori (17th Raiders Wing). ADRA stands for Arditi Distruttori Regia Aeronautica, loosely translated as Royal Italian Air Force Commandos. They were a group that operated in North Africa during World War II, specializing in the sabotage of enemy airfields. The 17º Stormo Incursori continues that tradition today as a modern day arm of the Italian Air Force. The ADRA dagger is a more traditional style with a wider 1-1/4-inch by 7-inch blade. It, too, is double-edged and of a hefty slab of .25-inch-thick German Bohler N690 steel at a Rockwell of 58HRC and is coated with a black finish. There is a 1.5-inch serrated section on one edge of the ADRA dagger’s blade for utility use. The ADRA features a wide, flat, double quillioned guard and a rough-textured Nylon handle with smooth thumb indents on both sides. The pommel is once again a heavy conical model complete with lanyard hole.

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The Extrema Ratio Suppressor (top) and ADRA are both modern tactical daggers designed for…