Double duty! The Advant-Edge handled sharpening jobs from pocketknives to machetes. Precise angle control made the Advant-Edge especially effective on kitchen knives.

Applying the flat, even bevels that are crucial to bringing a knife’s edge to real keenness is more time and labor intensive than honing already established bevels back to sharpness after they’ve been dulled. This is where so many manual sharpening tools fall short, because grinding off the metal required to apply consistent bevels that can carry a fine polished cutting edge is a bigger job than many re-sharpening tools can handle. For really dull or damaged edges that actually need to be re-ground before they can be honed to a skinning edge, you need abrasive tools that can efficiently remove controlled amounts of today’s hard knife steels.

New Schrade Manuals
Schrade’s new Dura-Edge and Advant-Edge manual sharpening systems include everything you need to put a razor’s edge on most blades, even garden shears. Both outfits employ a series of coarse- to fine-grit synthetic stones to meter the amount of abrasion, but the most obvious advantage is precise bevel control. By enabling users to apply consecutive honing strokes at the same angle, the most unstable aspect of the sharpening process is tightly controlled and consistent.

Advant-Edge: Schrade’s Advant-Edge sharpening system is a 10-piece kit centered around a screw-tightened clamp that features a blade being honed. The clamp is supported by a fold-out leg at the lower end and a pistol-grip handle threaded into the underside, where it enhances control and maximizes “feel” between steel and stone. A rod fitted with a slide-adjust angle guide twist-locks into the clamp above the pistol grip, where it guides an extension rod/screwdriver that screws into a small vise holding a coarse 70-, 120-, 600-, or ultra-fine 1000-grit honing stone.

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Double duty! The Advant-Edge handled sharpening jobs from pocketknives to machetes. Precise angle control…