Don’t let the name “Little 5” fool you into thinking it can’t cut it in the outdoors. Meyerco’s Little 5 is compact, yet quite capable of handling a wide range of tough game-care chores. The drop-point pattern provides the necessary strength to allow the user to cut through cartilage and perform detailed trophy work without worrying about blade integrity.

In recent years, many cutlery firms have collaborated with custom makers to provide a combination of custom design, quality craftsmanship and an affordable purchase price. The folks at Meyerco have taken this concept to new heights with their line of Charles Sauer-designed, fixed-blade hunting knives.

Working with only minor tools and with no previous knowledge of knife making, Charles Sauer learn the craft though trial and error. Beginning with stock removal, eventually Charles moved on to forging. He has been a full-time maker since 1996 and now resides in Prescott, Arizona. “Meyerco came to me some time ago and wanted me to collaborate with them on several hunting knife designs. Using my designs, they selected the various components (blade steel, bolster material, rivets and handle scales) and used offshore manufacturing to keep costs down,” Charles said. “Initially, I examined the prototype of each model and was greatly impressed with quality and workmanship exhibited therein. Final production knives were equally well-made.”

I had the opportunity to examine five different Meyerco-Sauer offerings, including the Large Skinning Knife, a smaller Fixed-Blade Skinner, both Big 5 and Little 5 Hunters, as well as a two-knife Caping Set, and I was also greatly impressed with the craftsmanship manifest in each knife.

tactical-knives-hunting-knives-bThe compact capping set designed for Meyerco by Charles Sauer pairs both a smallish drop-point caper with a similar size rounded tip skinner. Each full-tang blade is crafted from 7CR17 stainless and a short section of jimping on the back of both allows for precise cutting control.

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Don’t let the name “Little 5” fool you into thinking it can’t cut it…