The 10th Special Forces Group’s (Airborne) primary mission in the event of hostilities during the Cold War was to drop behind Soviet lines.  Naturally, we could expect to be operating under extreme winter warfare conditions.  This was offset by the fact that we had expert field training from former Finnish officers who had come to the U.S. after WWII.

ih003.jpgAs I started researching he Finns and their fight to maintain their independence, I noticed a photo of a large puukko carried by Ilmari Honkanen. “Sissi” Ranger that spent an amazing 231 days operating behind Soviet lines.  “Sissi” translates as “guerrilla” in Finnish but encompasses Long Range Reconnaissance Patrolling (LRRP) and Ranger-type missions.

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The 10th Special Forces Group's (Airborne) primary mission in the event of hostilities during…