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The 4-inch Delta-4 was the smallest knife and would be an excellent EDC choice for the outdoorsman. Besides, troublemakers come in all sizes; it would be bad taste to use a big knife on a short thug.

I will admit that it has been awhile since I received my Eagle Scout medal. However, the greatest achievement of my Scouting days was learning the motto, “Be Prepared.” With the world the way it is today, you never know what situation you may find yourself in. One moment you could be enjoying an outing in the woods, and in seconds, that could change to a life-or-death ordeal. A simple fall, or getting yourself turned around and losing your direction could ruin your day. On a darker side, not all of us are Boy Scouts. Just because you may wish everyone well, the next guy might be out to ruin your day. You never know what tomorrow may bring, and success is dependent on your preparations for today. Although I have gathered a nice collection of knives, for just about every imaginable purpose, it is the basic utility knife I value the most. Seldom will you have several knives on your person at one time and this adds value to the knives capable of performing several task.

Fletcher Knives
This revelation reminded me of a recent conversation I had with Dylan Fletcher of Fletcher Knives. I had asked him how he would describe his knives and he quickly answered, “Tactical meets Bushcraft head-on.” The more I thought about that concept, the more sense it made to me. To be prepared for the unknown, we are going to need tools that will cross over from one purpose to another, yet be proficient at both. It isn’t that hard to find a knife that will serve a single purpose, but just in case of an instant disaster, I want more. Dylan had the right idea, so it only made sense to see if his concept was carried over to the design of his knives.

The Fletcher B.A.M.F. is a stout knife capable of stopping just about anything in its tracks. On a normal day, this model can cross over and cover the duties of a quality camp knife.

I had met Dylan at the Atlanta Blade Show two years ago, right after he had just started to make knives. While talking with him, I found out that his path into knife making is similar to others. He has always had an interest in guns, knives, and the outdoors which resulted in the problem many of us face. He had several knives that lacked good sheaths. Kydex seemed to be the answer and before long he was making sheaths for himself and knife makers he had met. One offered to teach him how to make knives, and before long he was fabricating knives the way he wanted them. Dylan’s background in graphic design and marketing, combined with his knowledge of the outdoors, has led to a successful business as Fletcher Knives LLC. As a full-time knife maker, Dylan produces straightforward, no-nonsense designs. He will stand by his belief that the beauty in a knife comes from its usability and simplicity. As I mentioned, with Dylan’s knowledge of marketing, once I asked to review his knives, he quickly had four on their way to me.

One area of a knife that is often overlooked is the handle. The Micarta handle scales were well shaped and comfortable. The last thing you want is a slippery knife when you’re trying to skin out a deer.

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The 4-inch Delta-4 was the smallest knife and would be an excellent EDC choice…