The inspiration for KME Sharpeners began a few years ago when a friend was having difficulty properly sharpening his broadheads for bowhunting. As every bowhunter knows, a razor-sharp head is critical for a clean, quick kill; but not everyone has the skill to handhold the correct angle for effective honing. Thus was born the “KME Self-Aligning Broadhead and Replacement Blade Sharpener.” Recently the company has gone a step further and created its own version of the popular rod and angle guide knife sharpener.

The New System
KME’s Knife Sharpening System has a number of improvements over earlier rod and clamp hones. First, it is no longer necessary to loosen a screw on the clamp to place the blade of the knife in the sharpening position (I don’t know about you, but I have a bad habit of losing that screw fairly frequently). On the KME System, the user simply squeezes the pistol-grip handle with the spring-loaded plunger rod against the back of the hand to open the jaws. Once the blade is between the clamps, a large wing nut is tightened down to hold it in place. The jaws of the blade clamp are neoprene padded to protect the finish of the knife. There are two knife positioning reference lines on the clamps to ensure repeatable sharpening angles with individual blades. The angle guide is adjustable from 17 to 30 degrees by moving a sliding guide—held in place with a thumbnut—up and down the vertical bar. Rather than simply sliding into a hole on the angle guide, the rod on the KME fits into a spherical bearing ball to ensure zero deviation in sharpening angle from pass to pass. A quick twist of the clamp system allows the knife to be reversed for sharpening the opposite side of the edge. The entire system can also be easily reversed for left- or right-hand use.

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