The Pohl GSG-9 knife open showing the GSG-9 badge and the Eickhorn squirrel on the blade; note also the interesting blade shape.

Ulrich Wegener was present during the Munich Olympic Hostage Crisis and Massacre in his capacity as an aide to Hans-Dietrich Genscher, the West German interior minister. In the wake of the tragedy, Germany vowed to never again be caught unprepared to counter a terrorist incident and formed GSG-9 (Grenzschutzgruppe-9) of the Bundesgrenzschutz (German Border Guards) under the command of Wegener as the country’s counterterrorist unit. Wegener worked closely with the Israelis, the most experienced operators against terrorists in the World at the time, to develop a training program that soon made GSG-9 a formidable unit. In October, 1977, when a Lufthansa flight was hijacked to Mogadishu, Somalia, GSG-9 led by Wegener went into action to carry out a successful rescue. Wegener continued with a distinguished career as commander of GSG-9 for seven years, then as commander of Border Guard Command, West. After retirement he advised various countries on counterterrorism, including Saudi Arabia, and helped set up CT units.

Honoring A Hero
To honor Ulrich Wegener and GSG-9 the knife designer Dietmar Pohl received permission to do a limited edition folder. Produced by Eickhorn-Solingen Co, Ltd., the Pohl One Wegener is based on the Pohl One EDC and limited to 500 examples.

My first impression of the Wegener/GSG-9 knife is that despite the fact it is a limited edition knife, it appears tough enough to serve as a working tactical utility knife. In fact, I had not handled an EDC (Every day Carry) Pohl One, but I like the Wegener knife enough that I may get one to use for, well for every day carry.

The Wegener knife has an N695 steel blade which is Black Kalgard coated and laser engraved on one side with the GSG-9 breast badge—plus the Eickhorn squirrel—and on the other with Ulrich K. Wegener’s signature. The blade is just under 4 inches. Blade configuration is interesting as the cutting edge sweeps to the point in a series of curves, while the top comes down in almost a tanto shape to meet the lower edge. I guess it is best described as a drop point. A portion of the blade acts as a lower crossguard and also protrudes from the back of the handle when the knife is closed to act as a lever to get the blade started. Dual thumb studs are also incorporated on the blade. Overall length of the knife is about 9.25 inches open and about 5.3 inches closed.

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The Pohl GSG-9 knife open showing the GSG-9 badge and the Eickhorn squirrel on…