Gunny on his “Marine” chopper that was on display in San Diego, California back in 2009. This is more of a “show” bike for Gunny, his about town bike is a Harley Davidson.

TK: Anything new in front of the cameras?
By now, most TK readers have probably seen or heard my GEICO commercials for TV and radio. I just finished doing four webisodes for WD-40. There’s a lot of humor in them. I’m now the spokesperson for WD-40’s new campaign which benefits U.S. Military charities. And I ’m just back from shooting a Law & Order: SVU episode in New York City. Stayed at the Trump Plaza, and they keep the place cold enough to hang meat. The set where we filmed was the same. I ended up getting a sore throat, lost my voice for a bit, but got the show done. I can’t think of many things more useless than R. Lee Ermey without a voice—unless it’s an M16 without ammo.
TK: You sure didn’t lose your voice in the GEICO commercial. It’s now one of You-Tube’s most played. But what happened to your hair?
I went to my regular barber who does a special Marine Corps flat-top just the way I like it. He was out, so they put this female barber on me. I had misgivings, but I let her take a whack at my flat-top. When I got home and looked in the mirror I was so pissed that I shaved it off. Very few barbers can do a proper military flat-top. The shaved head worked for the character anyway. Don’t you think?

TK: What was that name you called the guy on the couch?
Jackwagon. It’s a new word we created for the spot.
TK: Is it true that you have a custom chopper?
It’s totally custom and show-polished. It’s my tribute to the Marine Corps. I put the Dress-Blue paint job on it that’s dark, dark blue with red piping. And it’s got Marine Dress Blue buttons on it as well. I was wondering what I was going to do about the seat. They’re rather mundane, not much you can do about them. It was about Marine Birthday Ball time, and I had my Dress Blue uniform hanging up right here. I looked at the sleeve, and said, ‘There’s my seat, right there.’ I had an old set of Dress Blues I couldn’t wear anymore, so I ripped the sleeve off. It had the Gunnery Sergeant chevrons right there, and the hash marks and the buttons, and the piping. We used that sleeve over the seat plate.

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Gunny on his “Marine” chopper that was on display in San Diego, California back…