TK: You’re about to head out on a safari in Africa. How pumped are you?
This is my second trip to Africa. My first was for eight days, and I consider them the best eight days of my life. I was only shooting plains game. This time the game I’m after include some of the “Big Five” dangerous game, namely Cape buffalo, lion and leopard. Of course, there will be other animals that we run across and I would love to get. I’m taking two nice rifles over with me. One is a .30-06, and the other is a .375 H&H Magnum double rifle.

TK: The .375 Magnum is the legal minimum for dangerous game.
Trust me. The buffalo will go down in one shot. That .375 Mag is a big damn round, and I will guarantee that buffalo will be shot properly and put on the deck with one shot.

TK: It may seem basic, but there are readers out there who want to know the best way to sharpen their blades when on their own, say, in a hunting camp with nothing but a whetstone and oil. How do you do it, exactly?
I put the whetstone on my thigh, and I go from right to left. I push the blade away, toward my knee, and I like to get it as even as I possibly can. The main objective is to keep it even. When you turn it over to do the other side, use the same number of strokes. That will keep that edge centered on the blade. Do it slowly, using a lot of strokes without putting a lot of pressure on the blade. Don’t do whirling strokes on the blade itself. You can whirl the tip some to get it sharp once you’re finished with the blade itself.

TK: How long should you work on it?
After five minutes, you should be able to shave your arm with it. Remember this, though, and we’ve mentioned it before: Never bother sharpening your own knife in a hunting camp. Usually, there will be somebody there just dying to do it for you. Guys love to show off their sharpening skills in hunting camps. You can spend the time BSing about the hunting while some other guy works on your knife.

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