Hunting an animal that is also hunting you is, “the greatest thrill a hunter can have,” says Gunny—shown here alongside Hon. Julie A. Mogenis with his 450-pound trophy.

TK: What was the most thrilling moment on your safari to Africa?
The lion. The one we had been tracking for two days was a specially selected nuisance lion that had been terrorizing the locals. He had just about all he could take of us, so he started coming after us. We had started after this lion when we first saw his tracks in the road, right over where we had driven our truck the day before. We knew they were fresh. We slimmed down our gear as much as possible, hefted the .375 H&H Magnum double rifle, and set out following the tracks with our professional hunter and tracker. The tracker moves right along, almost at a slow trot.

TK: In NYC, they’ve been arresting people who have even tiny knives sheathed on their belts. The Knife Rights organization has put out a warning on the subject.
It’s all part of the plan to confiscate anything resembling a weapon. They would like to use any excuse to go into your house and get your firearms. And when these people have been found to be “Not Guilty,” they can’t get their guns back. They have found yet another way to get our weapons away from us.

TK: Thriller movies with Zombies are all the rage now. If you were going against a Zombie in one, what kind of knife would you want?
I wouldn’t want to get close to him. So give me my machete or one of my prized Samurai swords. One whack! Even Zombies can’t get very far without a head.

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Hunting an animal that is also hunting you is, “the greatest thrill a hunter…