08-tip-up-draw-hDrawing from a strong-side, tip-up carry to reverse grip starts by reaching deep into your pocket with your index and middle fingers. Hook your thumb under the tip of the clip and lift the knife out of the pocket. Once it clears, rotate the back of the closed blade forward. To finish with a ring-finger opening, index your ring finger on the hole/stud/disk and drive downward to open the blade.

In previous Street Smarts columns, we’ve discussed folding knife deployment methods and explored the advantages and disadvantages of reverse-grip tactics. Let’s bridge the gap between those two and examine folder carry positions and deployment techniques specifically geared toward reverse grip.

The Draw
The first decision you need to make when carrying a knife with the potential of using it in reverse grip is: Do I want the option of standard grip as well? If the answer is yes—or if your folder’s clip mounting options are limited—you may have to carry it in a standard-grip configuration and adapt your draw to achieve a reverse grip.

To understand this, let’s look first at strong-side, tip-up pocket carry. In this position, standard-grip draws are pretty straightforward—dig your thumb in deep to get lots of skin on the handle, hook your index finger under the tip of the clip and draw the knife straight up. Once it clears the pocket, it will be well positioned for a thumb opening.

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