Blind Horse BHK Outdoors Machete

The drop-point tip of the machete gives it a little more chopping power with the weight-forward design, making this a multipurpose tool from jungles to tundra. The sweet spot is right before the tip of the blade.

After watching Blind Horse Knives skyrocket over the past few years with their unique line of handmade knives, one can expect quality, craftsmanship and utility with any tool they touch. Most of the company’s designs in the past have stayed on the beautiful, functional side of the line while still maintaining a good price range. The new BHK Outdoors Machete by Blind Horse is no different. The Ohio-based company has taken the modern machete to a whole new level while still keeping a good price.

BHK Outdoors is an offshoot of Blind Horse Knives, and they are run by the same guys at the same company. The machetes are stamped outside of the Blind Horse Shop, in El Salvador, and then finished in-house, so they won’t call it a true Blind Horse knife. Because of this, though, the machete is less expensive than a hand-ground, handmade knife from Blind Horse. BHK Outdoors also sells an assortment of fire steels, camping utensils, lanterns and flashlights. They even sell a strop large enough to hone a machete, should you want to do such a task!

Two slabs of Kydex hold the machete in place for worry-free transportation. The hollow rivets and removable belt loop give the machete the ability to be strapped onto many different objects, and the sleek design of the Kydex keeps the bulk down.

Machete Specs
This enigmatic tool tops out at 19-3/8 inches long, with a 12-3/8-inch-long cutting edge. The size of this machete, along with the Kydex sheath, makes an outstanding, handy machete for most woods outings, plus it can ride in the car, on the four-wheeler or tractor, ready for any task without poking the operator in the side due to its length. The 1075 steel is made by Imacasa to exacting specifications in both heat treatment and size, and gives a resounding “ting” when flicked in the hand and while going through brush cleanly due to the 3/32-inch-thick spine. The thinness is fantastic and is plenty enough to get tasks done.

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The drop-point tip of the machete gives it a little more chopping power with…