People come to knifemaking from all sorts of backgrounds. These diverse backgrounds bring fresh eyes and new ideas to the industry. One of these new ideas is the “In-Line Pocket Clip” series of knives from Joe Caswell. Joe was a well-known writer for motorcycle magazines for 15 years under the name “Moto-Joe.” He’s been pattern-welding steel since 1995, specializing in historic configurations, particularly the multi-bar/separate-edge composite blade structure associated with the Migration period through early medieval and Viking swords. He and his team at Caswell Knives have indeed come up with something that’s new, elegant and functional at the same time.

6c-cfperspective.gifDeparture From Standard Pocket Clips
An In-Line Pocket Clip is a patent-pending departure from the standard pocket clip, which is usually bolted onto the side of a knife handle. By contrast, an In-Line Pocket Clip is set into the spine of the knife, between the liners. With a thumb push, it is moved out from the interior of the knife into position. When using the knife, it retracts back out of sight with another simple thumb motion. What this means, of course, is that the clip is in a different plane than a traditional clip. A traditional clip secures the knife between the spring and the scale of the knife. The In-Line Pocket Clip clips the knife between the clip and the knife’s spine.

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