In recent years, there has been a call from combat troops and police SWAT teams for more solid, tough tactical knives to fill the sheaths on assault vests and gun belts. While there are certainly many production companies working to fill that niche, there are still folks who want to ensure that they or their family members going into harm’s way have the very best tools available. Luckily for them there are talented young knife makers like Sean Kendrick around.

agression2.gifNatural-Born Maker
Sean Kendrick is a 32-year-old knife maker from Ripley, Ohio. He’s been making knives for about 10 years and just went full time in August of 2007. Sean has been collecting knives since he was about 7 years old and over the years he had come up with ideas for knives that he wanted to see but that he couldn’t afford to have made by someone else. When he turned 21 he decided to simply start making them himself. Around that time he saw in article in Tactical Knives on custom knife maker Mike Franklin of Hawg Knives. As serendipity would have it, Mike Franklin only lives about 20 minutes away from Sean in Aberdeen, Ohio. The two connected and Franklin began to mentor him in making the knives that he’d dreamed of seeing.

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In recent years, there has been a call from combat troops and police SWAT…