Lone Wolf Landslide Folder Knife

With its distinctive bright orange handle scales, drop-point blade design and back spring blade locking mechanism, the Lone Wolf Landslide folder is a whole lot of knife.

In recent years, folding knives have acquired more “bells and whistles” than ever before. We now have a plethora of blade steels, a seemingly endless variety of blade locking and opening mechanisms and various ways to carry what is essentially nothing more than a pocket folder. It’s not that I am against legitimate evolutionary improvement, but embellishment is another thing altogether. Lone Wolf Knives recently introduced their Landslide lock-blade folder that meets my own definition of a simple, well-designed folder that has everything needful, without being fancy.

Bohler N680
To begin with, Lone Wolf employed Bohler N680 as their blade steel of choice in this new knife. Due to the Nitrogen component (.20%) of this steel, the Chromium (17.30%) component of the steel is freed to provide additional resistance to the corrosive effects of sweat, salt water and other environmental abuses. Not only does the user enjoy the distinct advantage of owning a knife that is highly corrosion-resistant, since N680 is a more affordable blade steel than others that also have Nitrogen in their chemical make-up, Lone Wolf has provided access to a more affordable product.

A feature that should endear the Landslide particularly to hunters is the drop-point blade design. Unlike the clip pattern, which has a rather thin tip, the drop-point provides more steel up front to resist breakage. Over the years, the most common knife failure I’ve seen is broken clip pattern blade tips. To be sure, the breakage was caused by user abuse, but the blade pattern also contributed to the problem. Another drop-point blade pattern advantage is the blade tip is “dropped” (convex curve) below the direct line of the blade back. This prevents an accidental laceration of the underlying muscle structure when skinning. Anytime a slit is made in the musculature, a pathway to bacterial and insect intrusion is opened, which can lead to unwanted premature spoilage.

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