Spyderco Lion Steel LionSpy

The LionSpy is a collaboration between American knifemaker Spyderco and Italian knifemaker Lion Steel. The companies blended design features from each of their lines to create a top end tactical piece that boasts European design flair with American pragmatism.

The knife industry can be a curious creature at times. While collaborations with custom knifemakers are common, it’s always interesting to see knife companies, who are ostensibly competitors, get together and do a collaborative design. Could you imagine Ford and Chevy working together to build and market a car? Probably not, but I think it’s a great thing for consumers that the dynamics of the cutlery industry allow such things to happen. That was the case with when Spyderco collaborated with Italian knifemaker Lion Steel Knives, and the result was the LionSpy.

Lion Steel

The LionSpy is actually produced by Lion Steel in Italy, but it’s easy to see touches of both companies influence in the final product. The frame and blade shape are clearly reminiscent of the Lion Steel SR-1 but there’s no mistaking the hump in the blade and the classic Spyderco hole. The frame of the LionSpy is of heavy 6AL-4V titanium which incorporates a Chris Reeve Integral Lock mated to a black G10 scale on the other side. Both the titanium and G10 scaled are grooved in what Spyderco calls a corrugated pattern for a solid, textured grip. The frame lock has a hardened steel insert to ensure that the blade and lock have a comparable degree of hardness to provide uniform wear and longevity of service.

Great attention to detail was played when it came to rounding off sharp edges and corners so that the knife is comfortable for hard use at long periods of time.

A Gianni Pauletta-designed RotoBlock secondary safety is provided, too, as an extra measure of protection should you decide you want it. Sandwiched between those two handle slabs is a 3.63-inch long blade of Austrian Elmax steel with a high hollow grind, which rides on an adjustable pivot. A pivot wrench is included with the knife. One side of the blade bears the Spyderco name and Elmax steel marking, along with Spyderco’s trademark spider logo, while the other has a Lion Steel stamp and the country of origin (Italy) marked on it. The blade is plain edged and carries a short section of jimping just behind the Spyder hole in the blade to provide some traction for your thumb. A short pocket clip is mounted on the butt of the knife and provides for tip up carry. The overall length of the LionSpy is a respectable 8.44 inches and it weighs in at 5.9 ounces.

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