Non-permissive locations continue to appear, prohibiting guns, knives, self-defense sprays and other sharp items. The government continues to succeed in finding more ways to remove personal freedom and one’s access to legal self-defense. It’s still a dangerous world and that’s why every good citizen should be carrying SureFire’s heavy-duty pen.

surefirepen-whole.gifNo Substitute
The SureFire pen isn’t a substitute for a knife. It’s a supplemental tool that you know won’t break when using it for its intended purpose or in self-defense. As a law-abiding citizen, you may pass through environments where your self-defense ability is restricted. But this doesn’t prevent a criminal from imparting their will. They choose the time. They choose the place. No cops. Just the perfect situation where he thinks you’re most vulnerable to his attack.

There are those times when you’re legally allowed to carry a knife or firearm but gaining access to it is restrictive, like in a car. A carjacker may come on you or a loved one so quickly that you can’t seem to reach (or search) for your defense weapon fast enough. But it doesn’t matter because he’s already entangled with you. Because your pen isn’t sheathed on your belt or stuck in your glove box, you can grab your pen and go to work.

The SureFire pen won’t likely get you in trouble wherever you go. There isn’t a hidden knife or blinding light built into it and it isn’t so aggressively shaped with a point like many tactical pens to draw someone with authority to consider it a spike. The cap does feature a glass-breaking ball bearing and glass it will break.

surefirepen054x.gifPutting Pen To…
I never carry anything for duty without testing it first, so this would be an important evaluation. Besides carrying it and writing numerous notes the last few months, I actually took it to a junkyard. Residential window glass was too easy to shatter so it was time to smash the strengthened windows of a few cars. Don’t waist your time trying to break the glass by going for the center. Automotive windows flex, risking a broken wrist. If you do hit the center and use enough force to break the glass, an unprotected hand/arm may cut badly by running your hand through the hole you’ve just created.

Aiming at the bottom corner of the side windows, I held the pen in a firm grip and hammered the glass with as much force as I could muster. Once it cracks like a spider web, you can quickly hammer away at the surrounding glass particles with less force to create an opening.

The SureFire pen is made of a strengthened aerospace-grade aluminum body that cuts down on weight with a durable black anodized finish. By the time this issue hits the newsstand, you may have already discovered that SureFire will be offering the pen in other colors. After much abuse, my sample still looks great. The stainless steel tip and tailcap give the pen a nice balance. Although it comes with a Schmidt Technology easyFLOW ink cartridge, it will accept any refill that measures between 3.875 and 4.25 inches long.

The fact that SureFire’s pen is a multi-use tool limits the reasons why you or someone you care about shouldn’t carry one. Most people often need something to write with and you can carry a pen virtually anywhere at all times. In case of an emergency, the SureFire pen can be used to break glass for rescue or escape. So there are two more reasons going for it. More importantly, with a little training, the rigid body and surface area can be the best weapon of opportunity.

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