ph-magnum-knife.gifEvery outdoor adventure has the potential to turn into a survival situation. This is especially true for hunters. When you’re after big game, the hunt can take you far afield. An unplanned overnight in the woods can place you in a precarious position. This is where the knife you carry may have to be employed to build a shelter, cut bark off a tree for firewood or a host of other chores. Should the knife fail, then you can find yourself in “a world of hurt.”

Tim Wegner knows how important it is to carry a reliable knife, one that can stand up to the rigors of not only game care, but also any other cutting need that arises in the outdoors. For that reason, he revisited his original Professional Hunter lock-blade folder design and incorporated some upgrades that made the knife somewhat beefier and better able to handle the most challenging cutting assignments. This new version bears the name Magnum Professional Hunter.

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