Meyerco Rifleman Knife

The Meyerco Rifleman auto is a tactical blade designed to help an operator keep his Stoner series M-4/M-16/AR-15 rifle running.

With some exceptions for the reasonable states that actually allow their citizens to own and use automatic knives, the majority of folks with a good auto clipped to their uniforms are probably cops and soldiers. Being that both of these groups tend to use a Stoner-based weapons platform like something from the M4 and M16 series or one of the myriad of AR-15 variants out there, it would make sense to cater to those users and the tools they carry. And that’s exactly what Meyerco has done with their Blackie Collins designed Rifleman knife.

At its core, the Meyerco Rifleman is a good, solid automatic knife made from top-quality materials. The Rifleman is built around a very sturdy handle machined from a billet of T6-6061 aluminum. The handle is very generously sized at 5.25 inches in length and features a generous finger cutout to keep your hand in place and off the blade during use. There are also grooves milled into the spine and along the flats of the handle to enhance the user’s grip. There’s plenty of room on the Rifleman for larger hands or use while wearing tactical gloves. A discrete pocket clip is mounted for tip-down, right-hand carry.

The Rifleman’s blade is a 3.5-inch long tanto style of 154CM steel, which comes hair-popping sharp. The Rifleman is available in both serrated and plain-edge versions. The Rifleman is activated via a push button on the left hand scale of the knife. With the button and clip position where they are, this knife is pretty much set up for right-handed users. There is no safety on the Rifleman, but the button is recessed to prevent inadvertent release. At the same time, it’s easy enough to find and mash without looking. The Rifleman uses a strong spring that heartily kicks the blade into position and locks it up solidly. To release the blade simply depress the button again and close the blade. You can feel the resistance of the spring when you do so.

With a broken shell extractor, an AR sight adjustment tool, a magnesium fire starter and a carbine glass breaker, the Rifleman can do much more than just cut and stab.

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The Meyerco Rifleman auto is a tactical blade designed to help an operator keep…