The Strike Point and Counter Strike mark a new chapter for Entrek USA. Adding in these tough tactical folders expands Entrek’s reach beyond the battlefield to EDC duties as well.

With more and more production going overseas these days, it’s always nice to see a U.S. company not just plugging along, but expanding its line. Such is the case with Entrek USA. Ray Ennis has been making knives for over 30 years, as a custom maker and as the head of Entrek Knives for a dozen years, and he isn’t resting on his laurels. With over 30 models to choose from, Ray has now entered the folder market with a couple of hefty new models that should be capable of taking on the toughest tasks. Entrek’s Counter Strike and Strike Point are tactical tools meant for folks who actually use their blades, not just for those who collect them.

440C Works For Ray
With some knife companies you can get lost in a maze of steels and handle material options trying to figure out what is going to work best for you. Entrek keeps things simple. They work solely with 440C stainless steel that is heat treated and subzero quenched to a 57-58RC. In their fixed-blade knives they use only black canvas Micarta from the same supplier. The use of a solitary type of steel and handle material means that the folks at Entrek know their materials and have long experience with how they work. Before you steel snobs start turning your noses up at 440C, keep in mind that 440C was the premium steel preferred by custom makers for a good many years. With a good heat treat, like Entrek does, 440C offers great edge retention and excellent corrosion resistance. Just stop worrying about the numbers so much and try it and I think you’ll find that everything will be okay.

entrek-usa-bBoth knives feature serrations on the handle at the butt of the knife and the base of the blade. The ones at the base of the blade merge into the blade’s thumb ramp when the knife is fully opened.

Entrek has a history of making battle-ready field blades intended for hard use. Up until now, these have been fixed-blade models, but it’s easy to see that Ray Ennis doesn’t do things in half measures. The new Entrek “Counter Strike” and “Strike Point” folders are big, businesslike tools meant to be carried by cops, soldiers and folks needing an indestructible industrial-strength blade. Construction is of the aforementioned 440C steel blades mated to aluminum alloy handles. The blade itself on both models measures 4-5/8 inches long and is a full 3/16-inch thick. These are pretty massive blades for a folding knife. Both have a 3/4 height hollow grind and the Counter Strike features a clip-point, whereas the Strike Point carries a drop-point profile. The handle consists of two slabs of aluminum bolted to a solid aluminum spacer that encases a steel liner-lock mechanism.

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The Strike Point and Counter Strike mark a new chapter for Entrek USA. Adding…