There is a special breed of elk hunter who always seems to feel using a smaller knife or lighter caliber rifle than the average guy gives him major bragging rights.

timberline2.jpgFrankly, I’ve never understood the light-rifle syndrome at all. A new 6mm won’t cost any less than a .30-06 of the same model. As for ammunition, most of the large sporting goods stores around here sell the ever-popular .30-06, .270, and .308 calibers at a major discount during the fall season. The less-common calibers—like 6mm Remington, .243 Winchester, .25-06 Remington, .250 Savage, and .257 Roberts—stay full price. This can make the smaller caliber rounds considerably more expensive to practice and hunt with. So why risk losing a large big-game animal to a “marginal” power round?

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