Extrema Ratio 3909

Hot off the design table (picture shown is a prototype) is Extrema Ratio’s 3909 combat blade. Modeled after a World War II knife used by the “Arditi” or the Italian Army’s elite storm troopers, the 3909 will be made from N690 steel set in Extrema’s Forprene handle. In production now and due out in late May 2008, there will be both single- or double-edge versions offered along with a commemorative knife case for storage. For more information visit


Sheffield Rhino

As far as utility blades go, the folks at Sheffield Manufacturing have dozens of cool styles to choose from. Of special interest to hunters is Sheffield’s new Rhino Lockback. The 4-1/4-inch ABS-handled utility knife is designed with the game skinner in mind. Its unique, disposable-blade system is built to handle skinning and big-game trophy caping chores. The Rhino comes with five extra easy-to-change-out blades that safely hide inside the handle. Overall length is 7-1/2 inches with a total weight of 5.2 ounces. For more information visit or call 800-457-0600.

Lansky Goes Multi-Tool

Already well known for their edge sharpeners, Lansky is now embarking on a new product line—Professional Grade Industrial MultiTool. Lansky is kicking off the line with the new LMT 100. The LMT delivers 20-tool functionality with the strength and heavy-duty durability of rustproof, 420 HC stainless steel construction. The full-sized tool is 6-1/4 inches open and closes to a compact 4-1/8 inches. Total weight is 9.6 ounces. For more information visit or call 702-361-7511.


KME Sharpener

They might be new to the sharpening game, but KME definitely sports some forward thinking with their new Knife Sharpening System. The KME kit is available in a standard configuration with four sharpening stones (extra coarse, coarse, medium and fine) or the Diamond version with 3 DMT stones (coarse, fine and extra fine). The system has a unique spherical bearing rod guide that eliminates any possibility of user error by permitting zero deviation from the selected sharpening angle, which is adjustable between 17 to 30 degrees. The stone clamping system accepts any 4-inch pocket stone. MSRP is between $75 and $100. For more info visit or call 800-561-4339.

Go Anywhere EZE-LAP

Eze-Lap’s new MD-KIT might ust be the perfect deer-camp companion. The handy new kit features a combination of three color-coded sharpening stones plus a revolutionary knife holder that’s designed to hold a wide variety of knives at two very precise angles. The clamp is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy—perfect size for carrying in a hunting pack or storing in the camp kitchen. The DMD kit comes complete with its own rugged roll pouch. For more information visit or call 775-888-9500.

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Extrema Ratio 3909 Hot off the design table (picture shown is a prototype) is…