November 2009’s New York Custom show once more proved the folks in the Big Apple are in love with all things sharp. Here are just a few of the tacticals we found for sale there.
Well-known headman at Microtech Knives, Anthony Marfione, also personally handcrafts state-of-the-art custom designs in his spare time. His totally new “Alpha ALPHA DETACH: Detachment Operative” hollow-handled survival knives were premiered at the New York Show. There are three different versions, the tanto and dagger shown here, plus a clip-point utility model. All feature one piece 4-inch blades and handles of 154CM stainless steel and come in Kydex sheaths. And, yes, Anthony did ask for Chris Reeve’s blessing on this project. For more information, please contact Marfione Custom Knives, 270 Ruthedge Rd., Dept. TK, Arden, NC 28704; 828-684-6010

HOGGIN’ CRAWFORD: So where does “knife” end and “sword” start? Wes Crawford designed this 12-inch bladed beauty for a hog hunt his son Cody hopes to go on soon. The blade is 154CM stainless and the handle Micarta. The maker can be reached at 205 N. Center, Dept. TK, West Memphis, AR 72301; 870-732-2452

RANDALL/SPRINGFIELD: Like most serious students of Randall Knife history, I knew that company once contracted out the production of a relatively small number of their Model One’s to a firm in Springfield, Massachusetts, during World War II. The majority of these “Springfield Randalls” came with a 7-inch blade, but what I didn’t know was that there were also a few larger versions with 8-1/2-inch blades. Using an original as the model, Bob Dozier created his own replica large Randall/Springfield fighter. This is one impressive combat blade that should be welcome on the belt of any infantryman. For more information, please contact Bob Dozier, P.O. Box 1941, Dept. TK, Springdale, AR 72765; 888-823-0023

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November 2009’s New York Custom show once more proved the folks in the Big…