The 0360.SKD is a collaboration of two well-known tactical gear companies: Zero Tolerance Knives and SKD Tactical.

If possible, I like to know the development history of any product that I am considering for inclusion into my personal security plan. Was the product developed to be mission oriented, or was it just an attempt to make a profit. Don’t misunderstand! I’m all about profit, but when it comes to buying my personal gear, I want it to fit my plan so knowing how and why it came about is interesting to me. I was recently made aware of a new folding knife that was developed from the ground up to fill an individual’s personal security plan. A modification of an already hugely successful design, this collaboration between Zero Tolerance Knives and SKD Tactical is not only well thought out and solidly built, it is also priced at a level that most will expect to pay for a quality piece of personal gear.
SKD Means Business
A look at the SKD Tactical website reveals some interesting things. First, they are a no B.S. outfit that places customer service very high on the pecking order. Second, they try to offer only the best gear available, some of which, like this blade, are made to their specifications. When I clicked on the “about us” tab, this is what I saw:

  • Our Mission: Provide the best gear available to the best customers anywhere.
  • Our Values: Treat customers the way we would want to be treated.
  • Our Strategy: Hire NINJAS that kick-ass and take names and order details.
  • Our Products: Selectively stock only the best items from the best brands in the industry.
  • Our Results: Your order for a competitive price in 2 to 3 business days for $5 shipping.

    0360.SKD Specifications
    The model 0360.SKD is a variation of the popular Zero Tolerance 0350 and 0350ST. Joe Seuk, owner of SKD, met with Steve Michels of Zero Tolerance and the ZT design team came up with a unique design exclusively for SKD Tactical. The major difference is on the grind along the spine of the blade. If you look at the two knives side by side, you can see the custom grind gives the knife its own unique “personality.”


    The removal of material allows the blade to deploy extremely fast and gives it a smaller tip for piercing/stabbing applications. A unique feature is the low-profile carbide tip glass breaker that has been installed in the rear of the handle. Even though it has a relatively small tip, it can still break a window like nobody’s business! The ZT 0360.SKD represents 18 months of collaborative efforts between SKD and Zero Tolerance to produce a new model based on a popular, already proven, platform. SKD likes to say, “We took a kick-ass knife, and made it kick more ass!” The 0360.SKD blade is a full 30% lighter than the 0350 blade, which results in a lighter overall weight and a dramatic increase in opening speed. The trimmer blade profile gives the 0360.SKD a leaner look than the 0350, without compromising strength while the blade thickness on both models is identical.

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The 0360.SKD is a collaboration of two well-known tactical gear companies: Zero Tolerance Knives…