A few years ago I was contacted by David Marks of Norse Knife Co. He was looking for advices on which knife company to approach with a new survival folder design. My partner and I introduced him to a couple of companies, since we thought his invention was viable due to it being a new approach to an old idea. In the summer of 2007, he came up to us at a trade show and handed me a production model of his Castaway survival folder.

cast-004.jpgUnfortunately, no American knife company was willing to take on his project, so he had to go overseas for manufacturing. The one thing that’s always impressed me about the knife business is, even if you get rejected on a collaborative effort, the industry now has the resources for anyone to fin a way to turn their dream into steel. It seems every knife user has some type of design they feel would revolutionize the market, but the “singletons” like David who see their ideas through to the end have always ben the real pacesetters in the business.

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