PakLite FieldMaster Knives

The PakLite FieldMaster game care set combines the PakLite Large Skinner, PakLite caper and a tiny one-finger PakLite guthook in a single sheath.

I continually make an effort to refine my hunting gear to those tools that are absolutely essential—including edged game care tools. Since every ounce I carry necessitates added energy, less weight means more time in the field. This minimalist approach invariably allows me to hunt places that most hunters avoid.

When your hunt takes you deep in the backcountry, everything needed for field dressing, skinning, boning and trophy work must be carried on your belt or in your pack. Since game care can involve a number of different cutting tasks, often several different knives become part of the overall gear package. While the weight of two or three knives might only be a half-a-pound, considered with everything else you’re apt to carry, those added ounces can make a difference.

Realizing the importance of shaving every ounce off of essential gear, the folks at Buck Knives brought out a series of PakLite knives that combines a lightweight skeletal frame with rugged reliability. The single feature of these knives that results in weight reduction is the fact that the blade tang alone serves as the handle and sections of rounded traction grooves on the top and bottom of the handle assist in blade control.

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