The PBC-1 may not be a full-size tomahawk but it can be deadly from any direction. Two spikes joined by 6 inches of sharpened edge are mated with a “skull crusher” handle to create a formidable weapon.

For the past few years writing reviews of various knives has not been much of a problem. Most blade designs will cross over from one purpose to the next. A tactical blade will have general utility uses and outdoor-style knives can come in handy around the home or office. In fact, I have often stated that most tactical blades end up being put to utilitarian purposes nine times out of 10. With all of this being said, it has been easy to stay somewhat “politically correct” in my writings. If this “PC” concept bothers you, put the children to bed. Glance over your shoulder to make sure no one is watching, and then read on.

If you are wondering what is bringing about this change in my writing style, there is a simple answer. I received a package from PBCutlery containing a sampling of their products. PBCutlery is owned by Sergio Franco and is based in Lakeland, Florida. Talk to Sergio, check out his edged weapons and take my word for it, “political correctness” will not be in your description of the experience. Sergio, an Army veteran and first-generation American, has his thoughts on what an edged weapon should be and it shows in his unique designs. He takes his experience as a soldier and avid collector of knives and firearms and then collaborates with Dan Piergallini to produce suitable prototypes. Dan, a noted artisan and member of the Knifemakers Guild, adds his experience and knowledge to each design. Once a pattern is finalized, the knives are produced here in America. This is one point Sergio is adamant about. In his own words, “As a collector and veteran, I find the marketing and sale of foreign-made products to those who are in the service of arms in the defense of the United States distasteful and irresponsible. I am a capitalist and a believer in the free market system, but there is no point where I will forfeit principle for profit.” Agree or disagree, give the man credit for standing up and voicing his beliefs.

pbc-bThe PBC-2 is actually a pair of knives, mirror images of one another, combined with a flat Kydex neck sheath. Last-ditch weapons, maybe, but it beats your bare hands.

Call It What It Is!
In this same vein of thought, I have been guilty of referring to knives as tools or implements in an effort to make them more palatable to the faint of heart. Most of my actual product testing has been showing the versatility of knives. Sorry guys, but once I opened the box from PBCutlery, I knew that it would be useless to refer to them as anything else other than edged weapons.

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The PBC-1 may not be a full-size tomahawk but it can be deadly from…