A knife is a pretty straightforward tool. It slices, it pokes. But like anything in the so-called “tactical” (a lousy choice of words to describe action-orientated jobs) world, a lot of bells and whistles—unnecessary bells and whistles—get added in the name of promotion, to what should in reality be a fairly simple tool. Looking at some of these things, you can almost see the little cartoon drawings of “POW!” and “BAM!” that seem to surround them. On the other hand, there are companies like BlackHawk, staffed by soldiers and cops who have carried guns for a living, that make equipment for people who now do. That their equipment is widely used and widely respected in these professions pretty much bottom lines the quality of their products.

4b-carpet.gifSimple Knives for Real Life
Case in point: the newly introduced BlackHawk Blades BHB40 and BHB41 folding knives. For the most part, real-life soldiers and real-life cops actually use simple knives. As we’ve explained before, the more unusual a knife’s shape, the more specific the tasks it can perform well. Conversely, the simpler a knife’s shape, the wider spectrum of jobs that it can do well. Simple, practical, utilitarian, and well made…and reasonably priced. That’s more or less the design spec for a real-life military or law enforcement folder. Not surprisingly, that’s exactly what the new BHB40/41s deliver. And no, BlackHawk isn’t going the old Smith & Wesson route of naming their products with some obscure numeric scheme. It’s just that any new product name requires a thorough worldwide trademark search, which takes a lot of time and a considerable expense. Rather than delay their introduction and add to their cost, BlackHawk just wanted to get these new folders out and into the hands of folks that can use them.

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A knife is a pretty straightforward tool. It slices, it pokes. But like anything…