I train regularly with my personal firearms, but I realize that there are times when carrying a gun will not be possible and that I would rather have some type of weapon in lieu of “going hands on.” What I would like is a knife that can be carried at the belt level, but can be transitioned to other body locales as needed based on the circumstances at hand. And speaking of hands, I want to be able to grasp the knife with either hand with equal dexterity regardless of where it is located. For years we have taught students of the defensive pistol to access their holstered pistol with either hand in the event their primary hand is injured. I think that this is a necessary skill with the knife as well. I also believe that the knife should be capable of being drawn regardless of what position your body is in. It is quite possible during any confrontation that you could be knocked off your feet. A knife that cannot be drawn in such a position is as useless as a sidearm would be in a similar situation.

6.jpgPunch Dagger Returns
Push or punch daggers have been around for a long, long time. Unfortunately, they have fallen out of favor with many, as they are no longer viewed as “high speed” or “current technology.” When did we start to discard things that are proven to work just because they are no longer new? I have watched this trend for a number of years and it is unfortunate, as I, personally, will always select something old that I know works over a “new age” piece of kit that has yet to prove itself on the street. Such is the case with the T-handle punch dagger. What I like about this design is that it is simple. There are no concerns about whether the thumb is locked down or straight along the spine of the knife or whether or not the hand will slide down the blade if it makes contact with something hard. All that is needed to deploy the blade is to wrap your fingers around the T-grip and pull. Sure, while it would be best to get the shaft between the middle and ring fingers, where the handle is evenly distributed across the palm of the hand, it is not essential in order to slice or chop with the blade. Just get some fingers around it!

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I train regularly with my personal firearms, but I realize that there are times…