You are not going to find many blades tougher than these folders from Grayman—the Dua (left), the Satu in flat finish (center) and the Satu in black finish (right).

Choosing the right gear for an expedition isn’t as easy as some may think. There are many things to consider, and tool selection is only a small part of it. This particular trip was to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. For this reason, selecting tools that allow one to cover all bases is vital! First on the list is a machete, then something a little more manageable for crafts, food preparation, and all around
utility. It was right around that time when the opportunity arose to do a review on the folders of Grayman Knives.

Grayman Knives has taken the knife world by storm, especially in the tactical hard use department, but for an adventure like an Amazon expedition, how would they fare in an environment ruled by tropical wet, wet, and more wet? There was only one way to find out…

As expected, the author had no problem producing thin shavings for fire starting with the Dua. Don’t expect to ever be able to skip this step in the tropical rain forest.

Heart Of Steel

Grayman uses premium CPM S30V steel, heat treated to RC 58-60 on their folding knives. The cutting edges on these blades are not what I would call typical for a folding knife, but then again, there isn’t anything typical about Grayman Knives. It seems like a regular flat grind or maybe even a saber grind, depending on whom you ask. The actual bevel had a smooth, slight convex curve to it. Other features were wire EDM cut lock and the phosphorus bronze washers. One thing to be said about using phosphorus bronze washers is that they are self-lubricating.” GRAYMAN” is laser engraved on each blade. The handles on the folding knives I received from Grayman were solid titanium.


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You are not going to find many blades tougher than these folders from Grayman—the…