I have to admit Füri Cutlery’s advertising boasting that their knives were “Designed in Australia and Made in China” tended to give me a “…and I should care?” feeling about their products long before I had handled any of them. Since when is Australia famous for its culinary skills? And “Made in China” is still not something most cutlery companies care to stress on their products. Then there was the fact that these are the knives television cooking show hostess Rachel Ray promotes. The old cliché “everyone has a price” tended to be the first thing that came to mind. Well, I quickly found it doesn’t pay to pass judgment on something you haven’t tried.

Füri’s extensive line of professional food prep blades are all one-piece, all-steel knives with hollow handles much like those Global first made popular in the U.S. The blade and handle are drop-forged from a single bar of steel and then have two stainless scales “fused” into the sides of the skeleton frame. On the top-of-the-line “Coppertail” models a copper cap is added to the butt of the handle for balance.

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