High-end folders have been a part of the tactical end of the cutlery market ever since they took root in the early 1990’s. Many of the custom knifemakers who helped launch the tactical trend were skilled at making art knives before they ever started shaping the genre. While most like to think of tactical knives as all work and no play, fancier versions make up a huge segment of the buyers of these knives and many are purchased as collectibles rather than for cutting.

Terrill Hoffman PhotoMcusta (pronouncd “em-custah”) entered the tactical knife market just over three years ago. A Japanese company from the capitol of the nation’s cutlery industry, Seki City, Mcusta had already been in the edged tool industry for years specializing in scissors. Jumping into the tactical knife market was a risky leap for the company, but one that appears to have paid off in a short period of time.

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