Sometimes companies can overcomplicate a knife with a gimmick, making both the gimmick feature and the knife barely adequate in functionality. But take a great knife design that happens to have a gimmick as a back-up feature, and you have a winner. Going Gear contracted Bryan Breeden of Breeden Knives to make the Sparky Knife, an outdoor survival knife with a secret inside—a firesteel that screws into the handle.

Ferro Rod Guru
It’s no surprise that a company like Going Gear would have a firesteel and a knife put together, as the company has just about every size firesteel you can imagine. Its extremely small 2-inch size is great to sandwich in a survival kit or stash in a wallet. On the other hand, the company’s gigantic 12-inch firesteel is all but too big to be useful. While firesteels are their specialty, Going Gear also sells many other interesting utensils, including cord lock whistles, waterproof capsules, headlamps and alternative fire-starting devices.

Brian Breeden, a recent addition to the knife world, has established himself for his simple fixed-blade designs geared towards outdoor use. On all Breeden’s blades there is a cursive B, engraved on the ricasso where the Nebraska knife maker puts his mark. Breeden uses O1 tool steel blade on the 4-inch blade survival knife as it is an extremely impact- and abuse-resistant alloy. Many will note that 4-inches has become the most popular blade length for the survival knives carried by knowledgeable wilderness travelers.

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