Spartan Harsey Hunter Knife

The Harsey Hunter combines a strong point, and very sharp tip with shallow hollow-grind edge geometry. These aspects combine to make a blade that is durable and yet still offers great cutting and slicing capabilities. TERRILL HOFFMAN PHOTO

Spartan Knives, a company that takes pride in using only U.S.-origin materials, has been known for making “knives with intent” since their Tactical Knives debut in 2009. The newest member of the Spartan family, the Harsey Hunter—designed by renowned knife maker and designer William Harsey—not only upholds this tradition, it steps it up a notch by being designed from the beginning with dual intent. The Hunter is, for the guys at Spartan and Mr. Harsey, the answer to many requests for a knife that not only performs well on the battlefield, but also in the less combative gamefields while hunting back home. With an overall length of 10.5 inches, and a 5.31-inch, drop-point blade made of 3/16-inch CPM S35V stainless steel, which is 1.25 inches wide and features very sharp hollow-ground edge geometry with a powerful point, it is off to a great start just based on specs alone.

The powerful point of this knife easily handled multiple penetrations into the heavy-duty material of this fuel tank with no deformation of either point or edge. The secure grip provided by the handle really shined in this task.

Sheath System
The first thing I noticed was the double and triple stitching used in putting together the sheath—a visual inspection alone is enough to tell that the carry system for this knife had a lot of thought put into it. The adjustable retention strap is a great feature in that not only does the outer layer provide noise discipline for the metal snap closure, but also allows adjusting the tension to make extra space for securing the lanyard or customizing the handle with camo-form. The straps on the front of the sheath offer multiple options of attaching a utility pouch for extra gear, and the pouch can be turned to suit the styles of carry. The belt loop works on smaller width belts, up to 2-inches wide, when traveling light, and it is set up for use with a drop-leg system with overlapping Velcro-lined loops to keep the sheath in place.

The Spartan MOLLE system is extremely flexible and allows for the knife to be attached to tactical vests in any location, position or direction that suits the user.

The rear of the sheath has a great system for attaching to MOLLE/PALS straps on tactical vests or a drop-leg carry system that utilizes a heavy-duty nylon D-ring, and 4-feet of paracord that is laced through a series of parallel nylon loops. I like how this system is more flexible in placement options than the more rigid nylon strap; it is extremely adaptable and allows for the knife to be mounted in any number of locations and positions.

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The Harsey Hunter combines a strong point, and very sharp tip with shallow hollow-grind…