It is hard to admit, but after you’ve been writing about knives for as long as I have, the ring of the UPS man on your doorbell quits being as exciting as it used to be. It tends to bring on more of a “Ho, hum,” feeling instead of the old, “Oh boy! New toys!” rush that you got the first few years.

rocks-2506.jpgIn other words, you get jaded. You’ve evaluated so many knives- particularly folders- that are pretty much the same as the last dozen you tested, and you know aren’t going to be much different than the next dozen that come into your hands, that you find yourself slowly walking to the front porch instead of running. Sure there are often “little things” that are different which you find after you’ve fought your way through all of those irritating Styrofoam packing “peanuts” or whatever they call them. You encounter new locking systems, different shaped holes or opening studs, newly discovered “super steels” and handle materials. But They’re such minor changes, and so questionably superior to what’s already been on the market for 10 years, that it kind of makes you want to scream and pull your hair out (what’s left of my hair, anyway) trying to find a fresh approach to writing about it. Maybe I’m too stupid to fully understand the superiority of these nuances, which appear to me to be more “gimmicky” than functional. But ladies and gentlemen, there is a God who watches feeble-minded knife writers such as myself. And just about the time I’m thinking I might rather start writing about flowers or something, along comes a knife like the Spyderco Captain.

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It is hard to admit, but after you've been writing about knives for as…