Spyderco’s Vallotton Sub-Hilt folder is a solid fighter well suited to use by professionals working in harm’s way. Butch Vallotton puts decades worth of experience into the knife and Spyderco does a superb job of executing the design.

Most people who carry folding knifes do so out of convenience. The simple fact is that it’s often easier to carry a folder than it is a fixed-blade knife, and in some cases it’s legally more practical as well. That doesn’t change the fact that there are times when you want to have as rugged and sturdy a blade on you as possible, particularly when it comes to a self-defense knife. For times like that, something like Spyderco’s Vallotton Sub-Hilt folder may be just what you’re looking for.

With over 20 years as a full-time knifemaker, Butch Vallotton certainly knows what it takes to make a quality tool. With the Sub-Hilt folder, Butch blends Italian design influences with solid engineering to create a piece that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. The Vallotton Sub-Hilt is a big, sturdy folder that is over 8.5-inches long when open. The 3.75-inch blade features an unusual dual grind being hollow for the primary cutting edge and melding into a convex-ground, modified tanto-style at the tip. Made from Crucible’s CPM-S30V powdered steel, the plain edge blade is an extremely stout 0.16-inch thick. The blade features both a traditional 0.5-inch Spyderco opening hole as well as a set of Butch’s iconic dual thumb studs, which also operate as blade stops. The lockup is via a very sturdy Michael Walker LinerLock.

The author carried the Spyderco Sub-Hilt along with a powerful tactical light at times when a firearm wasn’t prudent. The combination of a stout folding fighter and a bright tac light make for a formidable combination in their own right.

The handle of the Sub-Hilt Folder is what Spyderco describes as a modified coffin shape and is plenty big at a full 5-inches in length. It’s outfitted with polished black G-10 scales and tongue-and-groove fitted stainless bolsters. A black finished pocket clip is attached in a right hand, tip-up orientation, but the knife is drilled to allow for 4-way positioning of the clip to suit any set up that the user desires. Weight on the Sub-Hilt is a solid 6.2 ounces.

The Sub-Hilt features a classy mix of polished black G-10 scales and stainless steel bolsters. At 5 inches in length, the Spyderco handle is generously proportioned for large or gloved hands.

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Spyderco’s Vallotton Sub-Hilt folder is a solid fighter well suited to use by professionals working…