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This issue leads off with a review of the new DPx HEFT knives that are actually being carried and used by the real SEALS featured in the movie “Act of Valor.” Spec Ops operators need equipment they can bet their lives on and the DPx line is quickly becoming one of their favorites.

Wilson Combat has long been famous for the extreme reliability of their custom made 1911 platform handguns. Tim Stetzer tells how you can have an equally dependable edge weapon to back that pistol up in their new limited edition Burt Foster “Personal Carry” fixed blade.

Our own globetrotting Reuben Bolieu signs up for JEST training at the Filipino jungle survival school that once was famous for teaching its specialized skills to Vietnam bound U.S military troops. Now anyone willing to travel to the Philippines can attend the school and learn from the real experts.

Coast Cutlery is making big waves in the market place with their new Ron Lake designed Rapid Response assisted opening tactical folders. Not only are these knives extremely fast and reliable, they are also highly affordable.
SNAG Cutlery take on the traditional Indonesian karambit hawk’s bill knife and moves the design into the 21st century with their new line of defensive folders. David Spaulding proves with the right training, these state-of-the-art knives will save your life in a defensive situation.
The legendary German cutlery company Puma introduces their first assisted opening tactical folder with the “Pounce.” Denis Prisbrey puts this new everyday carry work knife through its paces in the field.
Few companies have made as big of mark on the firearm industry as Browning. Now they are trying their hand at combat and survival cutlery with their new “Black Label” group of Russ Kommer designed folders and fixed blades.
When it comes to hot trends in custom knife makers, Pohan Leu is leading the pack these days with his own special style of Asian inspired fixed and folding tactical blades. Reuben Bolieu profiles and field tests several blades from this in demand cutlery artist.
Canadian maker Abe Elias knows his way around the wilderness and like many other experts on the subject feels bigger can be better with it comes to knives. Brian Griffin wrings out Elias’ latest massive camp blade in the hills of North Carolina.
An up-to-date assault rifle like the CZ 805 obviously deserves an equally well thought out bayonet. Rather than settle for simply adding a spear-point to their shoulder arm the Czechs have gone one step farther and created a weapon that easily converts into a handy tactical survival knife.
Few knives have the real world bushcraft credentials of the Finnish puukko. Kellam Knives’ recently introduced SPT steel line of classic Scandinavian sheath knives give the user both classic design and superior cutting power in one package.
While SOG Specialty may not have a direct actual connection to the most elite special ops unit to come out of the Viet Nam war, they do produce cutting tools that any of those Green Berets would have been proud to carry. Terrill Hoffman offers that their latest line of assisted opening scaled down Aegis Mini assisted opening folders are 100% proof of that.
We also cover the new Meyerco Rifleman auto, TOPS BOB survival, Wilson Combat’s limited edition collector knives and the rare Randall Fairbairn command dagger in this issue. Like always, there is something for everyone!

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