Lon Humphrey’s Deathwind Series Knives

Lon Humphrey’s Deathwind series are made up of hand forged fighters made 100% by Lon in his Ohio shop. The fighters are rugged, modern tactical pieces built with centuries-old techniques. STEVE WOODS PHOTOS

When you think blacksmithing and hand-forged knives there’s a good chance that the first images that pop into your head is of classic Bowies and traditional hunter-pattern blades. While there are certainly plenty of those around, there’s no reason that you can’t make modern, high-tech tactical blades using time proven forging techniques. And that’s exactly what Ohio knifemaker Lon Humphrey does.

Lon is a full-time knifemaker located in Newark, Ohio, a town of almost 50,000 residents located in the center of the state. Currently 40 years of age, Lon has a background as a code welder for high-pressure vessels, and as a millwright and multi-craft maintenance specialist. He’s been doing ornamental blacksmithing since he was a kid, and has recently worked in the shop of Blind Horse Knives before going full time on his own. Lon is currently working on his ABS Journeyman level, and has his sights set on becoming a Mastersmith someday.

Lon’s forging work runs the gamut from beautiful display-quality (yet fully functional) Bowies, through a series of simple hunting and field knives in his “Brute De Forge” line, to the tactical “Deathwind” models. He will also work with customers on their own designs.

Lon uses a skull and crossbones logo stamped repeatedly into the blade while it’s still hot. It’s an interesting touch that makes his blades stand out.

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Lon Humphrey’s Deathwind series are made up of hand forged fighters made 100% by…