I have to admit, I become pretty excited when a package arrives in the mail. However, this time I knew there would be trouble when I opened the box. A belt axe? I may be young, but I have yet to see a fellow woodsman wear an axe on his belt. Coincidently, this author also has yet to see an axe that sits comfortably on one’s hip. That was until I had my hands on the ATAX. At first glance, there were many questions about the design.

atax11.gifThe ATAX is a multi-purpose “fixed” blade tool designed by Ron Hood. No stranger to the survival world, Ron Hood of “Hoods Woods,” is a survival instructor with a vast background. He has an MS in recreation management, has taught survival instruction at universities, and has been a guest consultant on many shows and guided expeditions. The “Hoods Woods” volumes consist of over 20 DVDs on all subjects of the outdoors and survival preparedness.

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