The search for the Holy Grail has been one of the world’s mysteries for a few thousand years.  yet, the search for the perfect knife has lasted even longer.  Ever since man flaked the first stone knife, he started trying to improve his invention.  In the world of early man, his stone blade could truly be called a survival knife and it is the perfect survival knife that has ben the Grail for which I search.

0sk-02.jpgA major part of my quest has been to garner information from those of experience and knowledge.  You may have read in a recent issue of Tactical Knives about a yearly gathering called “Practice What You Preach.”  The event is an annual camping trip where men and women from across the country come together to practice outdoor survival skills.  The group consists of knife makers and designers, hunters and outdoor survival experts.  All are avid knife users.  What do you do when you have the knowledge of 70 outdoor enthusiasts gathered in one location  If you share their interest, you tap it for everything it’s worth.

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