LMF FireKnife

The LMF FireKnife is very similar to the Mora Companion. It has a rubber overlaid grip and is a bit less than 9 inches long.

Take a look at many outdoor bushcraft and survival schools and chances are you’ll see the Swedish Mora show up in disproportionate numbers. There’s good reason for that too, since the Mora has a long history of providing a quality blade at a very affordable price. While Mora of Sweden still makes the traditional wood-handled Mora that they’re so well known for, they’ve also continued to advance with the times and make new models for 21st century outdoorsman. The latest of those is the Swedish FireKnife, done in conjunction with another Swedish firm, Light My Fire (LMF), the company that makes the ferrocerium FireSteel.

The LMF Swedish FireKnife is very similar to Mora’s previous Clipper and current Companion knife designs with a handle of hard Polypropylene covered with a high-friction rubber overlay for a secure grip. Unlike the Clipper and Companion, the FireKnife has a lanyard hole and comes equipped with a sturdy cord lanyard. The sheath is also a sturdy polypropylene build with a belt clip and a drainage hole in the bottom. The FireKnife clicks securely into place and there is a grooved thumb shelf that assists in popping the knife free when you need it. You can choose from five colors on your FireKnife including basic black, red, cyan blue, green, and safety orange.

The new Mora’s blade is 3.9-inches long Sandvik 12c27 stainless steel with a drop point and a unique grind. The straight portion of the blade is the traditional zero edge Scandi grind that you’d expect on a Mora, but when you reach the curve near the tip the blade has a higher, thinner grind above the Scandi edge. This is the type of grind first seen on the beefier Mora 2000. This allows for the thick, full spine supporting the edge where you’re most likely to do your woodwork and heavy cutting, and a thinner, finer blade near the tip for slicing and more delicate work. It looks a little odd at first, but seems to work well. The spine of the knife is well finished and left with sharp, crisp edges intended for use with a Swedish FireSteel. This leads us to the unique part of the knife: an integral Light My Fire FireSteel stored in the butt of the knife.

The ferrocerium rod in the grip is an LMF Scout-sized model capable of providing 3,000 strikes.

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The LMF FireKnife is very similar to the Mora Companion. It has a rubber…