STAG FIGHTER: If Jerry Twitty’s knives look a little familiar, it is because he actually began his knifemaking career working in the Morseth shop back in 1982. Most of his models follow the classic patterns of this pioneer custom knifemaker. This is his ATS-34 stainless “Twitty Model 7 Fighter” with a sambar stag handle. Twitty can be contacted at 90 Leonard Lane, Selah, WA 98942; 509-697-8311

HUNTER’S HATCHET: If you were to ask what maker offers the most accurate copy of the legendary double-bit Nessmuk Hunter’s Hatchet, I would have to say it is Gary Kelley. Each is made from “Gun-Blued” 60-61 Rockwell D-2 steel and is mounted on a flame-hardened hickory handle wrapped with artificial sinew. The belt sheath is rawhide-reinforced horse hide. Kelley can be reached at 17485 SW Pleasant Lane, Beaverton, OR 97006; 503-649-7867

WHITE STEEL: Murray Carter’s big news is that he has relocated to the Portland suburb of Hillsboro, Oregon. It was hard not to like this 6-inch double-edged dagger with a hand-forged, laminated  “white steel” core blade and Micarta handle. Plain, but totally functional, for its intended function is the way I would have to describe it. Carter Cutlery can be reached at 22097 NW West Union Rd., Hillsboro, OR 97124; 503-447-1029

TACTICAL STILETTO: Randy Williams’ “Tactical Stiletto” folder features a 5-inch blade of 154CM stainless steel on an anodized aluminum handle frame. The blade is held open by a traditional rockerbar system and offers one-hand opening by means of ambidextrous thumb pegs. Williams can be contacted at 311 E. Maple St., Arlington, WA 98223; 360-403-8724. Randy Williams

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STAG FIGHTER: If Jerry Twitty’s knives look a little familiar, it is because he…