The Triple Eight Professional Folding Tools can be thought of like a back-up gun; they are there for extreme circumstances, when nothing else will work.

We Americans often believe that we must have the biggest gun or knife, the gun that has the most ammo, the knife with the slickest opening mechanism or latest blade design in order to meet our needs, but is this truly the case? When was the last time that you sat back and thought about what you will likely face as you go through life versus the extreme scenario? Will you be engaging in a knife duel or will you be cutting cord or a seat belt, opening a can of paint, a case of ammo or some other ordinary act? Please understand, I am not minimizing the importance of a knife as a personal protection tool; I am trying to help you with a reality check in regards to how you prepare and spend your hard-earned dollars. Is it possible that “less is more” could be the answer?

If you have arrived at the decision that your knife is more likely to be a tactical tool than a tactical weapon and that more compact might be the answer, I have a series of compact “folders” for you. Triple Eight Professional has introduced a trio of knives that are designed to offer big performance in a compact package. It was once said that big ideas come in small packages and this would certainly describe this line of tiny, but powerful, pocket tools intended for the armed professional. Being palm-sized doesn’t inhibit their performance; it just makes them handier to keep with you for long periods, day in and day out. The first rule of being an armed professional is to have a gun and I have long advocated that if you need to carry a gun, you probably need to carry a knife. Let’s be honest, most of us select a compact pistol for daily carry as they are easier to carry concealed. Why would this concept change for a knife? As long as the need is met, compact is probably better. Triple Eight’s new Everyday Carry Tools make sure you never go without a knife when you need one.

The Cop Tool is a compact multi-tool designed to perform duties that law enforcement officers face on a somewhat regular basis.
The Cop Tool is a compact multi-tool designed to perform duties that law enforcement officers face on a somewhat regular basis.

From their innovative chassis and heavy-duty, axle-sized pivot points, to the unique way they open and close, these new pocket tools are both rugged and handy, yet stylish enough for a gentleman’s pocket or a lady’s purse. The knife is not actually a “folder” as much as the knife blade is exposed by pivoting the two sections of the handle out of the way. Once in place, the axle (think of a truck axle) that the handles and blade pivot around makes the knife a solid piece of steel that can be used for heavy cutting and prying chores. As a matter of fact, Triple Eight calls these tools “folding fixed blades.” The slim pocket clip assures a steady rest in a pocket, clipped to a shirt collar, waistband or purse pocket but does double-duty as a secure money clip. If you can conceive of a place to stash one (or all three) of the Triple Eight’s Everyday Carry Tools, it will be there when you need it, which is oftentimes not the case for the full-size fixed blade or combat folder that “sags” the pocket of your suit pants. Please do not misunderstand, I am not saying that large knives are not better…they are! What I am saying is that it is better to have a compact knife that you will always carry rather than the full-size blade that you will only carry when it’s convenient—nothing more, nothing less.

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