“Certs . . . is it a breath mint? Or is it a candy mint?” Some of you are old enough to remember that advertising slogan the Certs people used in the Sixties and Seventies. Well, in the same vein as the Certs commercials, now comes Timberline’s new Tactical LCP (Lightfoot Combat Pen). But the question with this item is a little different. “Is it a writing instrument? Or is it a self-defense tool?”

The Certs Company claimed their product was both—candy and breath mint. And I’d say something similar about the Tactical LPC. It’s a great writing pen. I just used it to outline a scene in my latest action-adventure novel. Then I put the cap back on and started hitting things with it. It’s really sort of an “undercover” tactical defense implement. (UTDI—there, I just invented my very first acronym—as if we don’t already have too many. I promise never to use it again.)

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“Certs . . . is it a breath mint? Or is it a candy…